Dolby Mixing Stage

Our Dolby Mixing Theatre is the real deal. The largest Dolby certified mixing theatre in The Netherlands, equipped with a 192 channel SSL Avant mixing console, capable of mixing up to 7.1.

This gigantic room can also be used as a foley- or dubbing stage. We even recorded a car in here.

• dimensions 18×8.25×4.5 meters (59x27x15 feet)
• projection screen 8×4 meters (26×13 feet)
• Barco DP90 D-Cine Premiere 2K projector
• DoReMi DCP2000 Digital Cinema Server
• Solid State Logic Avant 192 channel digital film console
• Stage Accompany S26/SB45/S7 monitoring, ES10/ES20 amplifiers
• Avid ProTools HDX
• Soundminer v4Pro
• Dolby Digital encoders and decoders, Dolby Leq-meter
• various outboard gear (Eventide, tc electronic)