Music recording studio

The music studio has a larger liveroom with adjustable acoustics. The control room is equipped with a 36 channel Sony MXP3000 analog console, recently modified with new components specified by the original designer.

• Avid ProTools HD, Apple Logic Pro 9/X
• Sony MXP 3036 console
• Studer A80 2” 16 track recorder
• Van Medevoort main monitors, Focal SM9, PSI 17/2, NS-10m (with sub) and Auratone nearfield monitors
•Personal monitoring system for each performer.
• Urei 1178, Focusrite Compounder, Orban 418A, 424A and 464A compressor/limiters
• Eventide H3000 D/SE, H949 Harmonizer
• Lexicon 300L, PCM91, PCM70, MPX-1, Sony R7, M7, DPS 55
• Roland Dimension-D, RE-201, RE-301, RE-501
• Loads of mics by Neumann, AKG, Electro-Voice, AudioTechnica, Shure, Sony (C800G)
• Ludwig/Rogers/Pearl drum kits (6 drumkits, twelve snares)
• Korg Triton, Wavestation, Roland V-Synth, JV-1080, Juno 106
• Akai MPC 2000XL, LinnDrum, Roland TR-606
• Rhodes MK2, Hammond L122 organ with Leslie 225, ARP Odyssey
• Loads of guitar amps, cabs and combo’s. A short selection: Fender Twin, Tonemaster, Tremolux, Super Reverb blackface, Super Reverb silverface, Princeton, DeLuxe brownface, rotary cab, Dual Bandmaster, Bassman, Marshall JTM-45, Vox AC30 (3x), AC50, Charlies, Bogner and Marshall 4×12 cabinets, Marshall 4×10 cabinet, etc etc.
• Loads of guitars: Various Fender Strats, a Fender 12 string strat, loads of Telecasters, Gibson Les Paul’76, Rickenbacker 12-String Tom Petty editon, Jerry Jones Sitar Guitar, Taylor Acoustic 12-String, Fender Jazzbass, and loads more (Gretsch, Ibanez, etc etc)
• A ridiculous collection of stompboxes