Recording studios

Studios 1, 2 and 3 are our spacious and comfortable multi-purpose rooms.
Designed and built for the best acoustics and equipped with the best gear for post and music production.

Each room is equipped with a 48 channel SSL Axiom console, ProTools HD, Logic, and loads of outboard and instruments.
Video is played back in full HD on Panasonic Plasma screens through Blackmagic Decklink cards. Nice.

All studios have their own recording booth, and are equipped for 5.1 mixing.

• Solid State Logic Axiom 48 channel digital mixing console
• Pro Tools HD, Apple Logic, Soundminer V4Pro
• Extensive plugin collection
• Van Medevoort custom main/surround monitoring
• PSI 14/2, Auratone/Yamaha NS-10m nearfield monitors
• Urei 1178, Klark Teknik DN780
• Eventide H3000D/SE, DSP4000 Ultra-Harmonizer, Sony R7 & M7
• Mics include: Neumann TLM 170 /Sony C800G /Audio-Technica AT4033
• Various instruments and amps available
• Full HD video playback
• Various link options: by ISDN, IP, or phone.